Unit5 Grammar---V-ing 复习

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v-ing 形式的用法复习

找出下面 ing形式在句子中所充当 的成分 1.Reading aloud is very helpful. 主语 2.We have to prevent the air from being polluted. 宾语 3.The film is exciting. 表语 4.The man speaking to the teacher is 定语 our monitor's father. 5. They kept me waiting at the gate. 宾语补足语

6.Having done his homework, he played basket-ball. 完成…后(时间状语) 7.Being a League member, he is always 作为…(原因状语) helping others. 8.Playing all day, you will waste your valuable time. 如果…(条件状语) 9.He dropped the glass, breaking it into 结果状语 pieces. 10.The students came into the lab, following their teacher. 伴随状语

小结-ing 形式的用法

1)可以有名词作用,在句中做主语、宾 语、表语; 2)可以有形容词作用,在句中做定语、 表语或宾语补足语; 3) 可以有副词作用,在句中作状语。

使用- ing形式需注意的几个问题。

1.分词 (短语) 作状语时, 其逻辑主语必须 与句子的主语一致。如果不一致,必须用 独立主格结构来表示,也就是在分词前面 加上它的逻辑主语。

Walking in the street, I happened to meet my old friend.

Weather permitting, we will go shopping. (weather逻辑主语 + permitting即为独立 主格结构)

2.分词短语做状语时,前面可以加上连 词或介词,但是分词短语和句子之间不 能用并列连词(如but,and),因为并列 连词接的是两个并列成分,而分词短语 只是全句的一个状语部分,分词和主句 之间可用逗号。

例如: 误: Having been told many times, but he still couldn’t understand it.

正: He was told many times, but he still couldn’t understand it. 或 Having been told many times, he still couldn’t understand it.

3.-ing的完成式表示先后发生的动作。 Having finished his homework, Jack went out for a walk. Having sent the child to bed, she began to correct the students’ exercise.

4.分词的否定形式是在分词短语 前面加上 not, never等否定词构 成。

Not knowing how to find the subway, I asked a policeman for help.

?如何区分使用ing分词和-ed分词 分词作状语时, 如果主语和分词动作构成的是“主 谓关系”,我们用ing分词; 如果主语和分词动作构成的是"动宾 关系",我们就用-ed分词。

A 1.1).____by some officials, Napoleon inspected his army. 2)._____ B others, John came into the hall, too. A. Followed B. Following C. Being following D. Having been followed D by six little 2. The trainer arrived and ___ dogs. A.followed B. was following C. following D. was followed

3.1). ___ D more attention, the trees could have grown better. C all his time to teaching, Mr. 2). ____ Li almost forgets his wife and son. A.Give B. To give C. Giving D. Given

4.1). There were 12 persons in the bus, B a baby. ___ 2). There were 12 persons in the bus, a C baby____. A. to include B. including C. included D. being included

5.1). The man A _____ Zhaosan used to live here. 2).The man ____ B himself Zhaosan used to live here. A.called B. calling C. to call D. call

6.1)._____ B from the hill, the park seems more beautiful. 2).____ C from the hill, you’ll find the park more beautiful. A from the hill, and you’ll find the 3).____ park more beautiful. A. See B. Seen C. Seeing D. To see

C 7.1). He often sees them _______ football on the playground. A 2). The missing boys were last seen _____ near the river. A.playing B. played C. play D. to play

8.1). The secretary worked late into B a long speech for the night, _____ the president. 2). The secretary worked late into the C a long speech for night and _____ the president. A.to prepare B. preparing C. prepared D. prepare

9.1).”Can’t you read?” Mary said A ___ to the notice . 2).”Can’t you read?” Mary said and ___ B to the notice. A.angrily pointing B. angrily pointed C. point angrily D. to point angrily

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